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Reclaim the FBA refunds you deserve

Stop letting Amazon keep your money! Let US do the work to ensure you get back the reimbursements you deserve. 


Don't let FBA reimbursements and fees go unnoticed. SellerSparks is here to help you recover lost funds that would otherwise be left behind. Experience the difference with reimbursements processed in less than 24 hours.


The first month is on us, allowing us to demonstrate the value we can bring to your business. Following the trial period, our services operate solely on a commission-based structure, with a minimal 15% commission fee. Take advantage of this risk-free opportunity where you stand to gain everything and lose nothing.


We've got your claim covered! We monitor its progress and provide frequent updates. Expect a direct refund to your account once we succeed. At SellerSparks, we only get paid when you receive your refund, aligning our interests with yours for optimal results. Trust us to fight for what you deserve!

Our Services

Lost inventory

If Amazon fails to issue a refund for an item lost or damaged in their warehouse, we will handle the reimbursement claim for you.

Damaged inventory

If your inbound shipments are damaged or not received by the shipper, we can assist you in reclaiming the aproximated cost of the inventory.

Missing from inbound*

If goods or products expected to be received are missing during the inbound shipment process, it can be due to misplacement, loss, or damage in transit. Our dedicated team is here to help locate and resolve these missing items, ensuring that you receive the necessary inventory.


If an incorrect item is returned and mistakenly scanned into your inventory, resulting in a loss of your actual item, we will help you recover its cost.

*These issues require working together with our clients on a case-by-case basis. Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information.

Why Us?

Maximize lost revenue recovery on Amazon! Our proven track record of identifying, filing, and winning cases ensures your business is covered. Let us manage the process, gain control of missing inventory, and deliver results. Partner with our dedicated team and trust us to fight for the reimbursement you deserve!

Start getting reimbursed now!

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